Dr. Christa Weßel MPH

Medical doctor and master of public health. After several years in health care, computer science and management she is now an author, lecturer and adviser in organizational development, social informatics and higher education.



  • 1990 Graduation as Medical Doctor (FU Berlin, D)
  • 1990-1996 Resident Physician in Radiology and Pediatric Surgery (Berlin, D)
  • 1997/1998 Consultant in an interna­tional consulting company, topic: Health Care (Switzerland)
  • 1999 Dr. med. – Thesis (in German): Clinical Pathways as Tools for Quality Management (University of Basel, CH)
  • 2000 Master of Public Health (MPH) – Thesis (in German): User centred production of a practical guide to certification and quality awards using the example of ambulant medical rehabilitation. (TU Berlin, D) – Book (in German): Certification and quality awards – a guideline for health care providers.
  • 2000/2001 Quality Manager and Controller in Hospitals (Munich and Delmenhorst, D)
  • Since 2002 Scientist, Lecturer, Coach: Research, Development and Teaching in Medical Informatics (RWTH Aachen University, D), Occupational Health (University of Mainz, D), Public Health (HS Fulda, D), Business Informatics (BHT Berlin and DHBW Mannheim, D), Social Informatics (Hochschule Furtwangen University, D)
  • 2010-2012 Qualification as Systemic Consultant of Organizations (WSFB Wiesbaden, D) – Thesis (in German): Business Processes and Organizational Learning
  • 2012/2013 Resident Physician in Surgery (Frankfurt am Main)
  • 2015/2016 Gestalt education at the Gestalt-Institut Frankfurt am Main
  • 2017 Founder and CEO: Weidenborn Verlag, Frankfurt am Main (Weidenborn Press) 


  • Hessian Medical Association (Landesärztekammer Hessen - LÄKH)
  • German Association of Informatics (Gesellschaft für Informatik - GI)
  • German High Sea Sailing Association (Deutscher Hochseesportverband HANSA e.V. - DHH)